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Past Projects & Preferred Resources


I have edited children's drama, picture books, and chapter books to many satisfied clients. My most recent edit included a children's book focused on learning the alphabet with an emphasis in phonics. 

As a former educator, I am knowledgeable on the appropriate comprehension and fluency needed for various reading levels. 

I designed and illustrated elements for children's books and understand the unique creative process associated with children's literature.


I have written, developed, and edited various literary and dramatic works. Many include fiction, nonfiction, plays, and screenplays. My recent edits include fantasy, drama, and fiction.

As a professionally trained actor, director, and playwright: I understand the unique elements and differences of books and dramatic structure. 


I use the Chicago Manual of Style, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and the Oxford English dictionary for books. 

I specialize in proper script formatting for plays that include dialogue and stage directions.


I have helped hundreds of students and professionals develop their academic and professional writing from journal articles to academic curriculum. Through my years as an educator: I wrote and developed creative lesson plans, scope and sequence, and formal assessments to be used in the classroom.

With over a decade of experience in academic and professional writing, I have read and edited thousands of pieces of writing in various styles and for various purposes. 

My references of choice for academic and professional writing are APA style, the AP Stylebook, the Oxford English dictionary, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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