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Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: December 3, 2023

Information you (the client) provide to this site is used for the purpose of facilitating communication, authentication, and rendering of editorial services by me (the editor) and may be shared with third parties for invoicing and payment processing.

Collaborator Accounts 

Creating a site account includes updates and notifications from Annette's Desk blog and indicates approval of digital communication and notifications related to site and blog content. To unsubscribe from blog communications with account access: when logged into site account, click "settings" tab, and select unsubscribe button. To unsubscribe without account access: complete contact form and include "unsubscribe from Annette's Desk blog" in message. 

To deactivate account, please complete contact form on home page and include "deactivate my account" in message.


Service Contracts

Forms are used to collect information in relation to editorial services. Submission of any form on this site means you agree to digital communication related to editorial services such as email, price quotes, and invoices but does not indicate an approved service contract. An approved service contract means both parties (client and editor) agree to the terms placed in service contract and invoice prior to services rendered. Payment is expected in order to begin editorial process. Upon text review and payment of service invoice deposit, service contract is approved, and editor will begin the editing process. Please check spam folder to ensure delivery of all digital communications related to your service request.   


For custom editorial services: there will be a service invoice deposit of 50% of the total amount to be paid in order to reserve time in editor's schedule. The remaining 50% of invoice amount is expected upon delivery of completed items. Once editable documents are received and service invoice deposit is paid, your service contract is approved according to the terms and parameters of custom service contract details. Once service contract is approved, editor will begin the editing process.   


Service contract details, terms, price, and estimated delivery time will be given to you (the client) prior to the approval of service contract. If both parties do not agree on terms, no approved service contract will be created, and client information will be deleted and destroyed.

Editorial services are a collaborative process between a client and an editor. All editorial work is completed by editor to enhance author's text through tracked changes and editorial suggestions. Client must obtain all rights and permissions regarding written work submitted to editor for editorial services. Client retains all rights and permissions regarding which editorial suggestions will be applied to written work. Client agrees to release any obligation or liability of editorial changes applied to document based on suggestions given to client by editor. Client is under no obligation to adhere to editorial suggestions given by editor. Editorial changes and suggestions are given based on editorial service terms and agreement set by client and editor. 

All payments are final upon delivery of items (document with tracked changes, document with editorial commentary, or both depending on service) to client and fulfillment of services rendered according to the approved service contract ordered. Client has 7 days from email delivery of completed documents to request additional information or assessment of changes made to text. If client does not request additional information, then delivery is considered complete, and contract is released. 

Editor may modify or cancel a service agreement in relation to service terms and scheduling prior to the approval of service contract. Client will be notified of modification or cancellation. If editor is made aware that there is plagiarism, harmful, or fraudulent activity being conducted by client then editor will immediately stop work and bill client for any services rendered up until that point. Editorial work will be conducted unsupervised and completed using the editor's personal equipment. Documents given to editor for editorial services are destroyed immediately after service contract is completed unless client specifies otherwise for the purpose of future editorial services. 

Service Package Plans


Purchase of a service plan indicates approval of terms set in plan policy. Pricing and plan charges are subject to change. Any charges incurred regarding service agreement detailed in plan policy and upon document delivery are final. To cancel service plan prior to delivery of completed service, please submit request via email or contact form on home page. A $50 cancellation fee for services rendered prior to cancellation may be retained and remaining balance will be refunded. Please allow 3-5 business days depending on your financial institution to reflect refunded amount. An email confirmation of cancellation will be sent to you. Documents given to editor for editorial services are destroyed immediately after service contract is completed unless client specifies otherwise for the purpose of future editorial services. 


All editorial work is done by me, the editor. However, the copyright holder of any written work or text documents given to me for editorial purposes is the author of that written work. Editorial services are a collaboration between editor and author, but the final product of any written work is ultimately the work of the author. Once editorial services are completed and documents are sent to client, author may choose to accept or reject the editorial suggestions given regarding their work. Anything the author chooses to accept in relation to their written work is under the author's copyright. 

All copyright related inquiries should be directed towards the appropriate author of the written work. In reference to site content, please do not distribute or copy any site content without proper written permission from the respective owner or according to applicable law.

Please complete contact form to unsubscribe from communications in relation to this site. Please check spam folder to ensure delivery of confirmation.  

If you would like to know more about how your information is used in relation to this site please view privacy policy

Additional Information

The information provided on this site is for general and educational purposes in relation to editorial services and related subject matter. All information on the site is provided in good faith, however there is no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding themes and subject matter of this site. 


This site does not provide medical, legal, or financial advice. Please consult with the appropriate professionals through the appropriate channels before taking any actions based on the information provided on this site. Any decision or action taken based on the information of this site is at your own risk and under no circumstances will the author or publisher of be held liable for any resulting loss or damages, directly or indirectly.


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