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Storytelling Starts with You

Hello writers and friends! I wanted to start by saying welcome. Welcome to my thoughts on writing, reading, and storytelling. As an educator, I learned over the years that my students learned best when they participated in the conversation. Not just with a simple yes or no, but a meaningful dialogue that was thought-provoking and engaging. So today, I want to talk about storytelling.

For me, good storytelling is relatable, reliable, and relevant. I could go into the different tools, tips, and tricks that writers use for specific purposes, but I'll spare you the English lesson. The overall theme that I've seen when reviewing and editing good writing was that the author created a piece that invited the reader into their world. A world where the experiences and characters that were presented were real to them, but relatable to the reader. The author also provided narration and point of view that was reliable to the reader and appropriate to the genre of writing. Finally, the author provided the reader with a relevant message that was applicable to the author's purpose.

Successful storytelling begins when you understand the message you are communicating. The art of communication is complicated yet simple. Everyone has a message, that's simple. How the message is communicated and interpreted, now that can be complicated. Your personal message is developed based on a combination of lived experience, unique worldview, and acquired knowledge. When writing a story, whether it's personal or professional, consider the message that is being conveyed to your readers. That message may be intentional or unintentional, but it still exists.

Consider: What is the purpose of your writing? Who will be reading your story?

Conversation: What makes someone a good storyteller?

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