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For The Love of Writing

Hello writers and friends. The language of love. Some say it's French, others Italian, but I say it's writing. All jokes aside, writing is one of the best ways to express yourself. Take poetry for example, emotions draped across the page in beautiful elegance. Words that are reflective and encourage deep understanding. I reflect on a time before technology, or at least modern technology involving the internet. What joy it would have been to wait for a letter from a friend or lover. To see their penmanship and each word phrased for your eyes only. What an adventure. Although technology and its tools are effective for data processing and the like, artistry can falter. With new inventions attempting to create and contribute, nothing comes close to pure human writing. Our intellectual ability to express our ideas and emotions are what contribute to our essence and existence.

Writing is unique and equivocal. That's what makes it brilliant. How words and language are used to send a message is the very craft. When you think about writing, what makes you passionate about it? Is it your ability to get all the rules and correct words on paper? I would assume not. It may be getting your thoughts and emotions on paper. It's your ability to influence the reader who may laugh or cry on the other side of the page or screen. It's the experience that you get to create for readers. That is the joy of writing. Writing is a shared experience between an author and their reader. It's a connection that is deeper than simple words on the page. It is what makes us wonder, question, and awe at the journey we embark on through the bindings of the book.

The next time you sit at your writer's desk, remember your passion. Remember the first time you opened a book and read something that inspired you. Remember the feeling of satisfaction when you finished a story and read "The End" knowing the tale was complete. That is your task. The torch has been passed. You are now the writer that creates and builds. The one that moves and inspires. You aren't doing it to get all the trophies. You're not doing it to follow all of the rules. You're doing it because that is your language of love. You love the privilege you have to share stories. The amazing moments you create and share with readers through your talent. Do it for you. Do it for the readers. For the love of writing, do it.

Consider: What makes you passionate about writing?

Conversation: How do you express your love for writing?

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