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Creating a Message

Hello writers and friends. We talked a little bit about storytelling. We also talked about the art of communication. So, as stated previously, everyone has a message. Most of the time, conveying a message requires thought and effort. You choose a topic or subject. Then, you select a medium or how you will convey the message. Finally, you deliver the message to your audience. When you deliver a message, there is always an audience. Even if it's an audience of one. So let's unpack this a little more.

  1. Choose a topic or subject. What will you write, create, or speak about?

  2. Identify the purpose. Why are you doing this? Is it to inform? Persuade? Describe? Entertain? Reflect on your topic and purpose.

  3. Identify your audience and choose a medium. Writing is a medium; so is art, theatre, television, etc. What is the most appropriate medium for the setting, purpose, and audience? Every medium has an audience. They are called different names. Writing has readers. Art has aesthetes. Theatre has patrons. Television has viewers. Who is reading, watching, or listening? Why are they reading, watching, or listening? What will connect to your audience the most?

  4. Deliver your message. Research your topic and audience. Learn more about why the subject is relevant and the message you want to convey. Create your message and deliver it with confidence. Don't be too harsh or critical concerning your work. Ask for feedback, reflect, and adjust. Try again. Keep growing and increasing your awareness. Communication is an artistic science. It's subjectively satisfying.

Consider: Do I take the time to learn about my audience? Do I have enough understanding about the subject to create an effective message?

Conversation: Is communication an art, a science, or both?

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