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Appreciate The Craft

Hello writers and friends. Today I want to talk about the writer's craft. To craft means to create or make something with skill. Like a potter's wheel, a writer's stories regularly spin and flow as words are formed together. However, it is the hands of the writer, or how they organize the words that make the story real to the reader. That is the skill. The organization of words and sentences in order to formulate a written narrative that may encourage, inform, or entertain a reader is the writer's craft.

Too often do we get bogged down by deadlines and word counts that we fail to appreciate the craftmanship of the story. Whether you're writing or editing, you are creating a carefully crafted narrative that will impact readers. The process is just as important as the progress. Explore the world. Interview the characters. Have coffee or tea in the café. Enjoy the artful skill of crafting a story. Wear it like a badge of honor. Writing is more than just words on a page, it is a reflection of life. Whether it be a real or fictitious life, it is one that connects us to ourselves and others.

How much time do you spend practicing your craft? Do you dedicate time to write for practice? Do you invite feedback to learn and grow as a writer? Do not underestimate the powerful transformation that a writer's group or collaboration with an editor can have on your journey. When we enter collaborative relationships with humility and respect, we engage in meaningful conversations and usually leave inspired. True growth is deliberate. It does not happen by accident. That critique or praise was meant to steer you in the right direction.

Writing is not easy. The technical aspects can be learned, but the artistic talents can only be developed. Take a moment and reflect on your writing journey. What have you learned? Not what have others said about your writing, but what have you learned about the craft? Carve some time out this week to practice your skill and appreciate the craft. Allow yourself the opportunity to respond and most importantly, do not give up.

Consider: Have I established opportunities to develop my craft?

Conversation: How should a writer improve their craft?

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